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Softball Saskatchewan Coach Certification

Softball Saskatchewan offers coach training and certification for individuals interested in coaching at various levels within the sport. There are different coaching requirements based on the level of play, with distinctions between house league coaches and provincial level coaches. Additionally, each age group within the sport has specific coaching requirements to ensure a safe and positive experience for all athletes. It is mandatory for all coaches to complete the Respect in Sport training program to further promote a culture of respect and inclusion within the sport.

​​​​​​​Community Coach Certification Pathway

Coaches interested in coaching in our house league only require Respect in Sport certification. 

​​​​​​​Provincial Coach Certification Pathway 

Softball Saskatchewan has outlined a certification pathway for all coaches wanting to coach at the provincial level. You can access the pathway by CLICKING HERE

Softball Saskatchewan Softball Clinics

If you are interested in attending a Softball Saskatchewan Coaching Clinic to further your coaching skills Yorkton Crush will consider reinbursement of the clinic costs but submitting your request to one of our Executive Members. Saskatchewan coaching clinics can be FOUND HERE. 

Respect in Sport 

Respect in Sport is mandatory for ALL coaches.

To look up your Respect in Sport Certification CLICK HERE.

To complete the Respect in Sport Certification CLICK HERE.