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Equipment Needs

Jersey are provided for all teams U11 and up. Timbits shirts provided to U9 and under

Face Masks:

For all U17 and below age groups, all on deck batters, batters and baserunners helmets must have an attached face mask.
Protective face masks will be required for all pitchers and recommended for all infield players. 

  • Ball pants - Black
  • Ball socks - Orange (some teams may choose yellow or black socks)
  • Helmet- each athlete must have their own helmet with an attached face mask
  • Ball Glove
  • Long sleeve tech undershirt - optional
  • Belt - optional
  • Crush hat or visor (player preference)
  • Rubber Cleats - running shoes are not ideal but may be worn at the U11 age group. There is a greater risk of injury to players who wear running shoes. Players have much better traction with rubber cleats and there is less likelihood the athlete will slip around in the dirt and shale. Metal cleats are NOT ALLOWED until age U15 and over.
  • Bats are provided by Crush but many athletes buy their own. Please have an expert at any of the athletic stores or your coach help you purchase the right bat for your player! Bats are expensive and if you purchase the wrong weight or length of bat your coach may be asking the player to use something else. Also…. Using another player’s bat is NOT ENCOURAGED since families spend a lot of money on their equipment and it makes things very awkward for everyone if the bat is broken by a teammate.
  • Batting gloves - not mandatory but they are recommended.
  • Catcher’s equipment - provided by Crush
  • Water - yes WATER!!!! It is expected that your athlete bring water to every game or practice as this is also an important part of your equipment.
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent are recommended.
  • Medical equipment – it is the athlete’s responsibility to bring any and all medical equipment with them such as inhalers, an EpiPen, insulin, etc AND to be sure that the team is aware of any medical conditions or special needs of that player.